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Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy

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Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy - Course Description

Why treat posture?

As seen in Postural Chains Therapy, bad posture may lead to several health problems. While Postural Chains Therapy uses Chains Stretch Exercises in order to correct posture, The Clinical Neurology for Postural Adjustment approach uses neurologic techniques to adjust postural faults.

Small neural problems may affect posture. This postural disturbance can cause, exactly as other postural deviation causes, low back pain, sciatica, disc herniated, neck pain, scoliosis, among many other diseases.

Why do I need Clinical Neurology for Postural Adjustment if I already have done the Postural Chains Therapy course?

Postural Chains Therapy Course teaches a very strong method for postural correction. However, it does not cover every possibility. One of the reasons for a bad posture is Fascial problems. Myofascial Freeing Technique Course teaches the best approach to address that correctly.

Other reasons may be related to Postural Neural Captors, such as TMJ, proprioceptive system or vestibular system. For example, consider that a patient has small balance problems. They are not enough to make him dizzy. But they can be enough to change the body position because of mixed information sent to the brain. If our patient has this type of problems, the best way to deal is through the neurological approach to achieve postural improvement. Other techniques cannot be effective in these cases.

Should I do the Postural Chains Therapy course before Clinical Neurology for Postural Adjustment?

It is better to have the knowledge of Postural Chains Therapy Course before starting Clinical Neurology for Postural Adjustment. However, it is not a must. Both courses function very well alone. But they are stronger together. Additionally, the learning curve will be better if PCT is completed prior than CNPA.


The Evidence for Posture, Postural Problems and Myofascial Chains - An Introduction
Vertebral manipulation for postural correction
Postural Facilitation Exercises
TMJ for posture
Static and Dynamical Exercises for the Vestibular System

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  1. Gregory Jacob Stell

    Very precise and clear didactic. Professor Joe is a great professional. Amazing course!!!!

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