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Like you, we want a better treatment






We are a group of professionals who want to change health!


We want more quality health and better trained professionals, who attend the population correctly.

We want to grow together with our students. We want to present excellent courses to our colleagues and peers.

We want to make a difference!

Come and have your differential with us!



MTA is an educational company, specialized in Manual Therapy. Thus, our mission is to offer qualified programs for PT professional improvement. This results in efficient diagnoses and treatments. Improved rehabilitation for patients. Than, we can influence positively the world and our society.


Be the benchmark in PT training, for professionals who understand their own improvement as a fundamental part to ensure the best care for their patients. Be responsible for the professional development of PTs and, consequently, the market.


  • Appreciation and respect for patients
  • Constant care in human relationship and patient’s treatment
  • Excellence in courses offered
  • To guarantee the perfection of our attendees.


Our Faculty

Armin Loges, PT

Armin Loges, PT

Prof. Armin Loges, PT, has a extensive training in Joint Manipulation, Fascial Release and Musculoskeletal Imaging in top Universities, such as St. Augustine. Experienced lecturer, Prof. Loges is an entrepreneur, owner of two very successful clinics. Additionally, he is the Co-Founder of two important companies of health industry: Tightwire, Inc. and Likewater Institute.

Prof. Loges is also the Co-Author of the Complete MSKflossing Method, a ground breaking model to release the myofascial attachments.


Joe Rosario, PT, ND, PhD

Joe Rosario, PT, ND, PhD

Dr. Joe Rosario, PT, ND, PhD, has dedicated his life to clinical research. Aiming to promote the best for his patients, Prof. Rosario has extensive training and research in Posture, Joint Manipulation and Myofascial Release. After a PhD Psychobiology, he got his second PhD in Naturopathy, while he is now a Post Doctoral Fellow in the University of Sao Paulo, in the department of Behavioral Medicine.

Prof. Rosario has been teaching for more than 17 years, while managing his own private practice. Author of several books, book chapters and articles, his research includes the relationship between posture, manual therapy and emotions.

Robert J. Dragan, PT

Robert J. Dragan, PT

Prof. Robert Dragan, PT, Ms, has is a specialist both in Orthopedics and Neurological Techniques. His list of expertise is long, from Bobath to Craniosacrum Therapy. Being an expert in Joint Manipulation and Fascial Release, he is Co-Creator of the Complete MSKflossing Method, a ground breaking model to release the myofascial attachments.

On top of that, Prof Dragan has an international experience as a clinician and entrepreneur. Co-Founder of two important companies of health industry (Tightwire, Inc. and Likewater Institute), he is also the owner of two successful clinics, with a strong history leading PT teams in different private practices.