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Postural Balance

Discover the secrets of postural balance with our advanced course. Learn to assess, evaluate and treat postural problems with the latest techniques.

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  • Refine your skills: Elevate your practice with the acquisition of advanced and exclusive techniques, ensuring efficacy and superior patient outcomes.
  • Face-to-face format: Learn the theory and practice with the best teachers.
    Classes 100% hands-on
  • Be a professional of excellence: Learn the latest innovations and the best tools in the treatment of bad posture
  • The best teachers: Have a Ph.D. teaching you, Dr. Joe Rosario has over 20 years of clinical and teaching experience
  • Efficacy: Solve several ills associated with it.
    Apply everything in practice and impress your patients
  • Excellent didactics: your learning is guaranteed
  • Quality warrant: Do as the thousands of our students graduated all over the world

Venue: Montreal
Languages: English and Portuguese


    Master Posture Correction: The Ultimate Course for Therapists

    Postural Balance is the most advanced course of postural correction today. It allows the practitioner to use several powerful clinical tools, assessing and treating the patient in all aspects of posture. It is all based on science and clinical practice. These tools can be applied to several pathologies that require conservative therapy: morphological, articular, neurological, traumatic-orthopedic, fascial, equilibrium, TMJ influence, respiratory and sports problems.

    This course is extremely practical, with manual clinical content, loaded with full assistance from the teacher. This is usually a watershed course for many therapists, with its efficiency attested by many professionals and patients.


    Postural Balance

    The most modern tools for Postural correction – all in one place.

    “For those who only have a hammer, everything is a nail”

    The philosophy of Postural Balance is to provide the most efficient biomechanical techniques ever proven in scientific literature. All this in a dynamic and efficient way. It is the Ultimate Postural Correction course.

    For those who only have Postural Chains, everything is chains. For those who only have Rolfing, everything is Fascia. Muscular Chains are a very important factor to consider. Much like the fascia is extremely important. But what if your patient’s problem is lack of balance? Or a TMJ dysfunction?

    Postural Balance is a knowledge that has already made a difference in the care of several therapists in the world. It is the junction of the most advanced muscle, myofascial, manipulative, and nervous techniques for postural correction.


    What is postural balance

    It is important to differentiate the Postural Balance Technique from the postural balance related to equilibrium. The second Postural balance is a critical aspect of overall physical health, and it refers to maintaining a stable equilibrium while standing, sitting, or in motion. Balance physiotherapy aims to restore postural balance by addressing underlying imbalances, weaknesses, or injuries that may be causing the body to compensate in unhealthy ways.

    Achieving postural balance requires a multifaceted approach that incorporates various therapies, exercises, and techniques tailored to the individual’s specific needs. This may include manual therapy, corrective exercises, postural education, and the use of specialized equipment.

    Postural balance is essential for maintaining good posture and preventing pain, injuries, and other health issues. Poor posture can lead to chronic pain, muscle imbalances, and reduced range of motion, which can negatively impact a person’s quality of life.

    The Postural Balance Technique is the sum of manual therapy, corrective exercises, postural education, fascia release, among other techniques, aiming to heal pain or discomfort due to poor posture or imbalances, identifying the root cause of the problem afflicting your patient. This root cause can come from many different systems. That’s why it is important to understand, evaluate and treat all the different aspects that may affect the postural balance to improve the overall health and well-being of your patient.


    Reasons for you to do Postural Balance:

    • Evidence-based teaching and more than 20 years of clinical, pedagogical and scientific experience by Dr. Joe Rosario, author of several books, book chapters, and scientific articles in the field.
    • Rather than learning a technique alone, you will learn all the techniques necessary to effectively correct the posture of your patients.
    • Essentially practical classes, guaranteeing the certainty of learning and the teacher’s attention in the most important aspects of the techniques.
    • This course counts as a workload for the Specialization in Posture of the Instituto Terapia Manual in Brazil.


    Why is it important to know how to treat Posture?

    Posture plays a critical role in overall health and wellbeing. Poor posture can be caused by several different systems, including the muscular, fascial, and nervous systems, as well as the vestibular system, eyes, TMJ, and plantar proprioception. Postural imbalances can lead to various pathologies such as musculoskeletal pain, tendinitis, herniated disc, and nerve clenching, among others.

    Postural Balance – Advanced Posturology Seminar – is designed to provide practitioners with the knowledge and skills to assess and treat postural imbalances efficiently. This seminar explores the many systems that influence postural attitudes and teaches attendees how to evaluate and address these factors in the most effective way possible.

    As the most advanced course on posture in present-day, Postural Balance is a must for anyone interested in incorporating advanced postural correction techniques into their practice. With Balance Physiotherapy, you’ll be equipped with powerful clinical tools to treat patients with pathologies related to posture, including those related to morphological, articular, neurological, traumatic-orthopedic, fascial, equilibrium, TMJ influence, respiratory, and sports problems.


    Why Does Postural Balance Make a Difference in Postural Treatment?

    The problem with many techniques for postural treatment is their narrow focus on specific aspects of the problem. Some techniques concentrate solely on strengthening weak muscles and stretching shortened ones, ignoring the intricate interplay of muscles and fascia in postural maintenance. Others prioritize fascial treatment over the crucial role of muscle contraction in postural physiology.

    Postural Balance – an advanced seminar in posturology – takes a more comprehensive approach, considering the full range of postural biomechanics and systems. By addressing both static and dynamic balance, as well as emotional balance, this course provides a holistic approach to postural correction and pain relief. With its fusion of the best techniques from Balance Physiotherapy, Postural Balance is an essential course for anyone seeking to treat postural problems effectively.



    Timeline: Postural Balance (7 days)

    • Evidence for Posture, Postural Problem, and Myofascial Chains – An Introduction
    • Bases and Scientific Research of the Myofascial Chains Used in Postural Balance
    • Diagnosis of Myofascial Chains
    • Exercise and Treatment Poses in several positions for the postural adjustment
    • Complete evaluation and how to choose postural exercises part I
    • Superficial Fascial Maneuvers
    • Deep Fascial Maneuvers
    • Tools for Fascial Release
    • Vertebral Mobilization for Postural Correction
    • Mechanical Joint Adjustment
    • Respiratory exercises for postural correction
    • Postural Facilitation Exercises
    • Home Exercises
    • TMJ
    • The Complete Assessment and How to Choose Postural Exercises II
    • Static Exercises for the Vestibular System
    • Test
    • Review and Questions


    Proposals of the international course of Postural Balance

    • Prepare the therapist for an independent performance;
    • To enable him/her to see and evaluate the human being in a global and integrated way, obtaining the diagnosis of the original dysfunction;
    • Learn to choose the most appropriate resource or technique to heal the root of your patient’s problem.


    Dr. Joe Rosario, PhD.

    Dr. Joe Rosario, PhD.

    Professor, Creator of the Method

    Physiotherapist graduated from the Federal University of São Carlos, Master’s degree from USP Medical School, Ph.D. from UNIFESP. Postdoctoral degree in Behavioral Medicine. Specialist in Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Osteopathy. He defended a master’s thesis comparing Segmented Stretching and Myofascial Chains Therapy. He studied the relationship between Posture and Emotions in his Ph.D. thesis. Click here to full bio

    Time Load:

    7 days

    Classroom material:

    Bring appropriate clothes for practice.


    This program is for all health care providers. There are NO prerequisites for this program.

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    Tax Receipts provided on course date.

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    1. Mia Williams

      Brilliant! I completely change my practice after the seminar. This professor is the best.
      It is really a great course, I loved! My patients too!

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